Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The liveries of 621/721

During its service career 621/721 wore 4 main liveries.
The first was an all over Indian red colour relieved by yellow lines and whiskers. In later years of this liveries use the line above the side windows was omitted as an economy measure as is shown in the photo below of 621/721 leading a sister set at Tickhole tunnel, Kotara.

The sets next livery became known as "Candy" due to its bright striped colours. This livery was designed by Phil Belpin as the new State Rail Authority corporate colours in the early 1980's. Photo taken at Newcastle station by A.Hayne.

Another round of cost cutting saw the drab "Turd" livery applied to Newcastle based sets in the early 1990's. This colour scheme consisted of a Brown/Red colour being applied overall with minimal Orange lines applied to the ends and side.
This photo is taken of set 621/721 not long after painting topping Thornton bank. Photo by D Porter.

The final livery carried in the last days of service was the Cityrail "Prong"livery which is believed to have been an attempt to blend the ageing 620/720 sets in with the newer Endeavor railcars. Photo by A.Hayne at Newcastle yard.

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